Press release- white bicycle installation- April 14th 2013


The last march 13th in the Azucena street and Revolution avenue a new cyclist was add to the big list of victims of this city which excludes  to the majority of population and focus mainly on vehicles.

One of the wheels was trapped into the sewer´s gap making the cyclist to fall under the wheels of the bus route 178 of the El Salto.

All the pedestrian and cyclist have to deal with three decades of a plan focus on infrastructure aimed into to the motorized vehicles, besides a lack of education from the particular and public transport drivers. There are no safe routes for cyclist, many traps in the street. Due to this conditions the legal responsibility of this mortal accident and we hope not many more might be the authority

This is the 8th death of this year, the principal responsible might be the Intermunicipal Sistem for the Water services,SIAPA, because it was its infrastructure which cause the accident. This type of Sewer is a menace over all that ride bicycle in the city, most of them have a gap bigger than the wheel width and many of them are oriented  parallel to the same direction of the street.

Is not an issue if the cyclist had experience or not, if was wearing a helmet, lights or reflective clothes. If the bus driver had gone at a reasonable speed and taking care of the distance of pedestrian and cyclist would have been a difference.

For all that previously mentioned we demand the following:

–          An immediately implementation of a program oriented to substitute the sewer that generate danger to the non motorized vehicles for those that their dimensions avoid the risk of get a trapped wheel

–          That the SIAPA publically recognize the responsibility for negligence or omission in the design of the infrastructure of sewerage of the city

The implementation of a program to help victims and support to their families involved in accidents related with this kind of issues.



Members of the “Bicicleta Blanca” project







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